Global Outbreak

App Store Extraction

App Store Extraction

Genre: Action Shooter
Platforms: Android
Publisher: Red Robot Labs

Defend the World from Disaster and Destruction

Global Outbreak is a free to play strategy and action game played around the globe. Build your defenses and assemble a crack team of mercenarys to take on the infected masses. Stop the spread of the misterious infection, beating it back before D-Day when the nukes will fall.

  • Location Aware: The game is truly global, and by turning on your GPS, Global Outbreak will tailor your gaming experience around your location.

  • Soldiers: In the fight against global annihilation people are key. Build up a roster of elite mercenaries by levelling up their abilities. Take them from campaign to campaign and build an army of ultimate warriors to fight the infection.

  • Weapons: Increase your firepower by unlocking new weapons and researching an immense range of upgrades.

  • Unique Controls: Direct your squads with a control system designed from the ground up for touchscreens, allowing you to play the game with just one finger.