Extraction:Project Outbreak

App Store Extraction

App Store Extraction

Genre: Action Shooter
Platforms: iOS
Publisher: Chillingo

Become a One Finger Killing Machine!

Designed from the ground up to fully embrace touch screen devices, Extraction: Project Outbreak is reinventing the mobile shooter with its unique control mechanics.

Based in the near future, you play as an elite military contractor on a lone mission to clean up after clandestine military experiments go wrong. Battle your way through hostile environments encountering an array of different enemies to ultimately uncover the truth behind the Outbreak.

With a wide selection of the world’s deadliest firearms to choose from, each one upgradable through an extensive enhancement system, you are never short of stopping power. However, for those sticky moments when a little less tact is required, deploy one of four special weapons into the battlefield to help neutralise the enemy.